Saturday, 5 April 2014

Day trip out of town

Friday, April 4th we decide to make our way out of town to the Tigre y Delta.  

We pass a dog walker extrordinaire on the way to the metro on Avenue Santa Fe.  We count eight large dogs!  How does he do it!  They all seem happy and relaxed.

We start the journey on the metro and then switch to the train to Mitre where we catch the Tren De La Costa.  It all takes about 90 minutes and when we first arrive it seems that there is nothing there except a very large Casino and some questionable cafés.  We are disappointed and are thinking of leaving when we discover so much more a little further down the road.  The town of Tigre is beautiful and the maze of waterways reminds me of Venice.  We don't have enough time to explore by boat so we walk the streets.

Gorgeous tree lined pathways.

There a museum just for Mate!

We explore the Museo de Arte de Tigre which is housed in a mansion that used to be a hotel.  Most of the art is from the late 1800's and early 1900's.  The building is beautiful.

It's hot and we're tired.  We stop for a cold beer beside the water before beginning our long trip back to our apartment.  It gets darker sooner than we anticipate and we find ourselves on the Mitre train going through a dodgy area in the dark.  We feel vulnerable as two sleazy characters approach us on the train asking for money for something to eat.  We say no but then we both feel that we might get robbed so quickly stash our money and any thing else of value into our bras and panties.  We laugh at our situation which is good...just let those bad boys find our valuables!  Of course nothing happens and later as we sit in the Italian restaurant a couple of blocks from our apartment we pull our valuables out and back in our purses.  

We are eating like Argentenians.  It's 10:00 and we're having excellent steak and mashed potatoes with tomato.  Of course we have the obligatory wine as well and waddle back to the apartment.  I will definitely be hitting the gym when I get home.

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